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Learn Greek with educational games!

Learning any language is not an easy task. Even though knowing a foreign language is a big advantage, many people find themselves overwhelmed by the amount new things they have to learn and memorize and they give up. It doesn't have to be so difficult though, and that's what we are here to do. At the Greek colegioo we solve this problem by our unique learning approach: you will learn Greek by playing games! Playing games is a fun activity, so you will not get bored, and it is stimulating enough to get you to learn new phrases and words in a short period of time, and recall them quite instantly.


Treasuropolis - An educational game

Our theme game at the moment is called "Treasuropolis". Treasuropolis is an old, abandoned town whose citizens disappeared mysteriously many years ago. Legend has it that the citizens had stolen gold and for that they were cursed and vanished into thin air. The aim of the game is to find the hidden treasure by breaking the right door*. You will be given questions with 3 possible answers. The questions are about the meaning of a phrase or word. Clicking on an answer will set a bomb in front of the door which will reveal if your answer was right or wrong. The more right answers you give, the more treasures you get. When you give a wrong answer, the correct answer will be highlighted, giving you a chance to learn items even if you haven't seen them before. Every question is repeated until you have mastered it.


*no doors were harmed in the making of this game



In the "Comics" section of the website you can find subtitled comics. The subtitles include a word by word translation which will help you learn each word, and a free translation which will help you understand and learn how these words are combined to form a sentence.


New comics and games will be uploaded regularly, stay tuned!

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We wish you fruitful learning in the Greek Colegioo!